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Short Stories


Overtime at my colleague's mistake. As soon as I got home at the last train, when I opened the front door, "You are on duty for laundry, there is no bath towel," Atsu said. I have to do something with him at home. I put my laundry in my bag silently and came to the coin laundry. I did not feel like going home, so I bought a magazine and a highball can at the convenience store next door and sat on a chair that was not comfortable to sit on. The sign of the person in front of me for a while. "Good evening" Tall, thin weak man calls out. If you ignore it, "Hey you do not want to wash away?" I asked while smiling. The man murmured on the bed. "The coin laundry at midnight is why the success rate of Nanpa is high, is not it?"


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